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Enterprise training Mar 01,2022

In order to better implement lean management, improve operation skills and expand working ideas, on February 20, 2022, our company organized front-line employees to go to Tiancheng for three days and two nights of training. The main content of this study includes two parts of staff's post operation ability and management ability. During the whole learning process, our staff are well disciplined, study hard, consult with an open mind and show a good spirit. We benefit a lot from this training. They not only improved their cognitive ability and operational ability of their positions, but also broadened their ideas of on-site lean management, which inspired them a lot and taught them new methods. We will make full use of our strengths to complement our weaknesses, and continue to improve, so as to improve the work efficiency, enhance the overall image of the company, and promote the stable, healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise!

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