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The epidemic of the Anti-Japanese War Nov 25,2021

In September this year, our company experienced the epidemic closure and control, which resulted in the suspension of production progress and slow production. I would like to thank all our customers for our understanding and support.With the support of the government and the efforts of all the staff in early October, I have fully resumed production. I look forward to better cooperation with you.The operation of printing enterprises is a whole. No matter which problems are encountered in the order, procurement, production and delivery, they may disrupt the normal operation order of the enterprise and result in phased production stagnation.What should printing companies do with the pending rebound of the epidemic and the possible and repeated outbreak, which occurs in the future?First of all, it is naturally necessary to strictly cooperate with local epidemic control measures and do their part to the early end of the spread of the epidemic.At the same time, printing companies can also consider their own problems in orders, procurement, production and delivery, and make repeated plans to deal with the possible outbreak in the future.In the difficult challenges brought by the epidemic, our boss led the employees to actively cooperate with the government, respond to the call of the government, do "epidemic prevention workers", hoping to overcome the difficulties as soon as possible; stood in the front line of epidemic protection, and contributed to the epidemic prevention and control.Finally, production resumed in early October, and all the workers tried to overcome the difficulties together.

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